Mission:  To support the Sister Parks Agreement between the National Park Service in the Upper Midwest and national parks on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica (SINAC/ACOSA) by promoting an awareness of Neotropical migratory birds and supporting habitat conservation through building relationships within and between communities at both ends of the migration.

Vision:  Tropical Wings is a gathering of concerns citizens in the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway communities in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The focus of Tropical Wings is the welfare of migratory birds shared between the Upper Midwest and Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.  As a shared resource these birds play a vital role in the web of life and depend on quality habitat along and at both ends of their migration to thrive.  Tropical Wings is committed to engaging citizens in celebrating and sustaining this natural phenomenon through education and habitat preservation both in Costa Rica and the Upper Midwest.


  • Engage in Habitat Restoration
  • Organize an annual Bird Celebration in collaboration with other local community groups
  • Promote the Sister Parks relationship and instill an appreciation for the natural history and value of migratory birds by participating in existing community events throughout the St. Croix River Valley.
  • Encourage and organize adult and student exchanges between the Upper Midwest and Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula for the purpose of education and service efforts